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My name is Emily and this is my photography blog. I take a lot of pictures and sometimes I draw or paint things. If you have any questions or comments, my ask box is always open. Enjoy my blog.

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I haven’t posted on this account in months, so I’m guessing a lot of people have unfollowed me by now.  To all that remain, thank you.  Also, I created a new account/blog a few months ago.  I post constantly, but it’s a lot more personal content.  I don’t “reblog” anything.  It’s all original thoughts and photos.  

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On our way back, we stopped at the Boston harbor.  My dad and I got off the ship and walked to downtown Boston, which took us about an hour.  I wasn’t complaining at all though;  It was a nice walk.  There are so many authentic Italian grocers, restaurants and gelato stores.  It’s a very colorful and beautiful city.  I would definitely consider moving there later in life.  I love all the fresh herbs on the window sills and the old, Italian men hanging out in their stores.  The Bermudian beaches and bars were great, but I think my dad and I enjoyed experiencing downtown Boston a bit more.